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My Hebrew Name:


Courtesy of My Hebrew Name

(Because internet memes are ALWAYS a good place to start doing research.)

OTOH, from what I did find on About's Judaism site (http://judaism.about.com/od/hebrewname1/a/all_names.htm) there's no hard-and-fast rule of correspondence between Hebrew and secular names. Her mom could have named her Yochana after a grandmother or great-grandmother, then chosen Shannon because it sounded similar.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! (For now.)

Go cry moar, emo vamp!
500 words in CoSaD

Beginning Line: "Where are they?"

Favorite Line: But if you were lucky, you got the consolation prize: eternal life. *rolleyes*

Ending Line: She peeled out and headed for the place in the 'burbs

wtd: 3,255
mtd: 10,976
ytd: 22,847

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Blade in the Dark (Jecine Baret)
revised scene 19 of 175

before: But then, people in love were known to behave irrationally.
after: But people in love were known to behave irrationally.

beginning total: 328
ending total: 350
net gain/loss: +22

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Unlocked (Samantha Lucas Cates)
622 words in TGF

wtd: 2,755
mtd: 10,476
ytd: 22,347

Also, snippet!
Copyright Kit Russell, 2010. This is first draft, unedited work.

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revised scene 18 of 175

before: The nerve of that girl -- that she should not know her betters. Very generic, very penny-dreadful.

after: His blood raced, his heart pounded, at the thought of how his future bride had humiliated him in front of her women.

beginning total: 113
ending total: 113
net gain/loss: 0

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Round 2: another 544 words in GYAF

Beginning Line: Eredi kept his head up and his shoulders back, his eyes dry, as he walked from the schoolroom to his bedroom, his own apology ringing in his ears.

Favorite Line: If he hated the thought of running the business, she must dread the thought of being nothing but a glorified chatelaine. And here we have the first signs of maturity from Eredi; applying how he feels about a life filled with one hated task after another to how his sister would feel in a similar -- but different -- situation.

Ending Line: Such a neat solution -- it was almost worthy of Hanavet herself!

wtd: 2,133
mtd: 9,854
ytd: 21,725

You know what this means for tomorrow, right?

Absolutely nothing!

I don't get the day off, I don't get to tell myself that I did 1K yesterday so I can do 1K again today. Just another 500 words.

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558 words in GYAF

Beginning Line: Gos dashed down the street, looking for a place to hide.

Favorite Line: And with his tunic riding up, they must have been wondering if they'd get a view of his bits.

Ending Line: But where, he wondered, could he find someone who could read?

wtd: 1,589
mtd: 9,310
ytd: 21,181

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revised scene 17 of 175
beginning total: 1,521
ending total: 1,605
net gain/loss: +84

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Unlocked (Samantha Lucas Cates)
525 words in The Good Fight

Beginning Line: The classroom was filled with tension, the kind that could only rise during the last five minutes of the last class on the last day before summer.

Favorite Line: The ring startled her into a jump, and her heart pounded into the back of her breastbone.

Ending Line: I'm not saying you didn't fuck up, but I think I'd rather you stick around so that we can be fuck-ups together."

wtd: 1,031
mtd: 8,752
ytd: 20,623

Rejected but not Dejected
1/20 16:54 Rejected but not Dejected
The "maybe" on the agent search for Unlocked just turned into a "no."

But she said I'm a good writer and that the idea is a really cool one, so as far as rejections go, it's a pretty damn good one.

I'm disappointed, of course, but I've still got 2 agents left to hear from in this round of agent submissions, and of course TCS is still out there, too. And I'm inside on a rainy day, so on the balance, I'm doing okay.

The quest continues.


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